A Square Affair

19-Dec-2015 to 20-Dec-2015
The Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • ''A Square Affair'' was a much appreciated return to a popular theme, with all artworks on display were of a square foot each. A treat to display and a treat to view!

  • Participating Panel Artists
    • Archana Tanna
    • Krishna Khanna
    • Laxmi Honavar
    • Sonika Shah
    • Bindal Shah
    • Payal Shah
    • Smita Srivastava
    • Kajal Mehta
    • Sharda Bhakhri
    Other Participating Artists
    • Aanal Shah
    • Aneeta Malhotra
    • Shekhar Pawar
    • Arpita Ruparel
    • Sonam Gupta
    • Vibha Kanwar
    • Kishwar Nensey
    • Deepti Nair
    • Jyotsna Changriani
    • Nami Shah
    • Shikha Dongrey
    • Tejal Mehta
    • Shama Shah


  • Mind blowing works. Excellent brilliant play of colours!

    Neela falco
  • Very enriching to see art...
    Love and Passion can be seen. Loved coming here. happy seeing all the work. All the best!

    Manish Malhotra
  • Excellent! Looking forward to more art work and artists coming together.

    Dr.Rupa Mehta

The Artists' Wall

Aanal Shah

Aneeta Malhotra

Arpita Ruparel

Bindal Shah

Deepti Nair

Jyotsna Changriani

Kajal Mehta

Kishwar Nensey

Krishna Khanna

laxmi Honavar