Artezvous is a young enterprise, offering unique theme based art and photography shows by varied groups of upcoming and established artists. Founded in 2014, Artezvous has successfully hosted over 75 artists in various shows at prestigious art hubs, like the Cymroza Art Gallery and the Coomaraswamy Hall in Mumbai among others. The shows boast a miscellany of artwork displaying the unbound talents of artists featuring a range of mediums, subjects and sizes. Our shows have been very well received by thousands of visitors, scores of critics and some very satisfied buyers. We take pride in our initiative to democratize the art buying process, as we promote emerging artists, providing them with a platform to reach the buyer directly through a transparent selling practice.

We provide a productive and interactive support to our participating artists by helping them with indispensable feedback from senior artists, contemporaries and art dealers to enhance their work and overall experience of exhibiting their art. We are sensitive to the "affordability" factor and carry a wide range of artwork in terms of pricing.

Another endeavour which we proudly add to our hat is our annual "kid's shows", which is a unique platform for talented young art and photography enthusiasts to showcase their brilliant ideas and take their passion for the arts to the next level. The fervour and zeal that emanates from these artists is quite contagious and a joy to behold!