Krishna Khanna

Krishna Khanna

Krishna Khanna completed her course in Applied

Arts at Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai and

acquired the ability to explore the world of art. It

was here that she was exposed to colour, form,

strokes and works of the masters.

Armed with a mélange of techniques and style Krishna creates art

that is infused with Calligraphic strokes, rich hues of India’s

colourful festivals and her passion for the works of the masters,

Michael Angelo and M.F.Hussain.

These influences find their way into her art form to play a pivotal

role in her body of works, helping her combine them with

mediums such as charcoal, photo inks, acrylics, and materials like

fabric and wood, to successfully create a dramatic visual in

abstract art, her passion.

ARTISTREE.....Krishna’s art brand was borne out her passion for

creative art and the many accolades she has received, some of

Black and White Photography Award-Sophia Polytechnic, 1988.

Mr.Karniks Calligraphy Award, 1989.

Best campaign for ‘Save the Environment,’ 1990.

Award for Illustrations and Sketching Sophia College, 1991.

Honoured by Raj Tours and Travels for creating their advertising

Saatchi online Art Competition Participant 2014.

Exhibited at:

• Re-Birthing, April 2014 Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai.

• Foot Squared, April 2014 Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

• Divine Pallete, March2015 Prince Of Wales Museum, Kala

Ghoda, Mumbai

• My Mumbai, April 2015 Coomerswamy Hall, Kala Ghoda,


• Timeless Energy, June 2015 Easel Art Gallery, Juhu, Mumbai

• Out of the Box, at Tote, Sept.2015 Lifestyle Exibition, Race

course, Worli, Mumbai

• Khazana Art Décor, Oct.2015, Kamala Mills, Worli, Mumbai

• Women with Wings, 8th March 2016, Fuel, Bandra, Mumbai

• The Third Dimension, March 2016, Cymroza Art Gallery,


• Textures, March 2016, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

• Metro Scapes, April 2016, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

• K.K online site of Saatchi Art Gallery,London,U.K.

Exhibitions with Artezvous

  • Poems on Canvas, At the Cymroza Art Gallery, 1st floor, Bhulabhai Desai Rd, Breach Candy, Mumbai - 400026,
  • The EARTh Warriors, Studio Artezvous suite No 138 Panchshil Plaza Gamdevi, Mumbai 400007
  • Postcards from Rumi,
  • Wabi Sabi, Studio Artezvous Panchshil Plaza Gamdevi Mumbai 400007
  • Rebirthing, The Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • One Foot Squared, The Cymroza Art Gallery
  • The Divine Palette, The Coomarswamy Hall, Mumbai
  • Mumbai, The Coomarswamy Hall, Mumbai
  • Virasata, The Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • A Square Affair, The Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • Women With Wings, Fuel, The Store, Bandra, Mumbai
  • Metroscapes, The Cymroza Art Gallery