• My experience with Artezvous, the team of sisters of Bindal Shah and Payal Shah, has been excellent. They are very professional, very supportive of the artists working with them and are very fair in dealing with each one of them.
    One of my first shows with this team was the 'Mumbai' theme show in 2015 and i have repeatedly done shows with them after my first show with them. Wishing them all the best for their website.
    Looking forward to many more shows with this great team..

    Smita Srivastava
  • I have participated in four exhibitions with Artezvous and I found each experience to be a well organized , friendly and hassle free one. Every detail is taken care of in a meticulous way and each query is politely and gracefully handled by Payal and Bindal. They are thoroughly professional in every aspect of organizing art shows. It's a pleasure to work with them.

    Sharda Bhakhri
  • Great work Bindal and Payal and Team. Keep the brilliant work going!

    Bakul Mehta
  • Great work by all and a great platform for creativity, art and expression.

    Esha Shah
  • Thank you for sharing your joyful, colourful and spiritual work with us all. Fantastic!

    Karen Fish
  • Astonished at the brilliant work and varied choice-Vibrant!
    Go for it-all the best!!

    Anil Vohra
  • Excellent endeavour to encourage budding artists. Keep it up!

    Pratap Hodakar
  • Enthralling to see such great work by such young talent. Very Inspiring, great job everyone. Good Luck!

    Shamlee Bhagat
  • Simply divine!
    Loved all the art work.

    Badal Suchak
  • Lovely paintings and a brilliant show put up by all the artists.

    Payal Sanghvi
  • Very unique and different concept.

    Nitya Sanghvi
  • Beautiful work! Great format

  • All the artist have beautifully expressed themselves through their art/work.

    Sonam Varma
  • Most Powerful Women!

    Jackie Shroff
  • Beautiful, distinct collection. The artists were all so warm and friendly. Had a lovely time.

    Anissa Malhotra
  • Baeutiful Paintings. everyone's work is different but very attractive.

    Kanan Jhaveri
  • Loved the exhibits!

    Mehr Dubash
  • Mind blowing works. Excellent brilliant play of colours!

    Neela falco
  • Very enriching to see art...
    Love and Passion can be seen. Loved coming here. happy seeing all the work. All the best!

    Manish Malhotra
  • A lovely collection! I came with some expectations, but this is way beyond what I imagined.

    Rachana Mehta
  • Awesome! Beautiful work

    Ami Shah
  • Colourful and Interesting!

    Shilpa Tejura
  • Very interesting theme and beautiful art!

    Jyoti Kabra
  • Excellent collection and concept. Nice display of talent. Hope to see another show soon. Good luck!

    Priya Mehta
  • Excellent presentation of vivid facets of fine art showcasing the finesses of visual perceptions of the participating artists. An enjoyable experience. Congratulations to all participating artist to this show and best wishes to them for this and all future endeavors.

    R.S. Pande
  • What a refreshing show - a wonderful start to a Sunday morning! Best wishes for more shows to come! Cheers.

    Harianto Mehta
  • Wow, amazing idea, 21 artists all with different ideas & different themes. Excellent work. Congratulations Bindal & Payal

    Satish Mehta
  • This show is more special because it is a showing of many artists appreciating each others work. Friendly, warm, vibrant afternoon.

  • Lovely collection of work. Nice to see artists of different work come together.

    Lili Menon
  • Very inspiring show! Make me want to do some artwork!

    Ruchina Damani
  • Awesome pieces! Very vibrant & eye catching.

    Sameena Khan
  • All the artists expresses their work so beautifully. Each had a special theme revolving around. Loved the work done by Sonali, Meenti, Manisha and Benita. Price range was also affordable for gifting purpose. Beautifully exhibited too. It was a lovely experience to come and see it.

    Archana Jhaveri
  • Beautiful works! Very impressive.

    Renu Patel
  • Very beautiful charcoals and abstract paintings.

    Dimple Goel
  • Extremely soothing and beautiful art works! and very affordable .

    Namrata Wadhwan
  • Have certainly opened an eye to art and hope to enhance tastes here. All the best!

    Rajeev and Neha Mehta
  • What a melange! Some exceptional works. Very impressive!

    Dr. Kamlesh Desai
  • I am so glad I came to this exhibition. All the artists have an incredible taste in what they do.
    Beautiful, beautiful work!
    All the very best to everybody. Can't wait for the next exhibition.

  • Very encouraging. Great effort to promote young artists. Keep it up!

    Virendra Shah
  • Fantastic collection of paintings. Keep up the good work!

    Pratish Kothari
  • Very difficult to choose one or two. All the work is excellent. Keep this up

    Satish Mehta
  • Awesome art work. Kids rule!

    Alpa Broker
  • Nice to see so may different energies and ideology expressed all together!
    A visual treat. Keep up your inspiration.

    Madhuri Sharma
  • Love and Inspiration! Keep painting.

  • Lovely works of art. Keep it up!

    Pinky Jogani
  • Great work! Keep it up.

    Shanaya Shah
  • Beautiful work, intricate and inspiring. All the best!

    Prachi Mehta
  • Excellent! Looking forward to more art work and artists coming together.

    Dr.Rupa Mehta
  • Wonderful art! All the best.

    Yael Jhirad
  • Lovely paintings! Very creative. All the best.

    Ketki Mehta
  • Innovative and thoughtful presentation of thematic works. An enjoyable experience.

    R.S. Pande