12-Dec-2015 to 13-Dec-2015
The Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • A show that paid tribute to our rich heritage, celebrating and using a traditional art form in a contemporary style. An artfilled journey into the many centuries of Indian culture, "Virasata" was a tremendously applauded endevour!

  • Participating Panel Artists
    • Archana Tanna
    • Krishna Khanna
    • Bindal Shah
    • Payal Shah
    • Smita Srivastava
    Other Participating Artists
    • Falguni Mehta
    • Binita Choksi
    • Bijal Tejura
    • Vina Nahar
    • Nutan Punatar
    • Pooja Shah
    • Seema Pawar


  • A lovely collection! I came with some expectations, but this is way beyond what I imagined.

    Rachana Mehta
  • Awesome! Beautiful work

    Ami Shah
  • Colourful and Interesting!

    Shilpa Tejura

The Artists' Wall

Archana Tanna

Bijal Tejura

Bindal Shah

Binita Choksi

Falguni Mehta

Krishna Khanna

Nutan Punatar

Payal Shah

Pooja Shah

Vina Nahar